Butchering basics

This month the “Mr.” is attended an USDA butcher certification class where he will be learning the ins and outs of all things butchery. This is a very useful skill set to have when you own your own livestock. The biggest hold up and one of the most costly ventures is having those animals you’ve cared for so well for what might be years to be converted into something edible. Have you looked into the tremendous cost of processing a full grown beef? It can be downright expensive. Where we live there are few USDA butchers in the area, the closest being over 1.5 hours from our home. That is quite a stressful haul for any livestock which affects the meat flavor. So hopefully we will be able to save ourselves in the long run. We are considering the idea of opening our own butcher shop but the steps to open and operate a small business seem mind boggling at this point. There are so many options available to us mobile butcher, stationary butcher, livestock or poultry… the list goes on and on. We are praying that a door opens somewhere that we may see the path that lies before us, and we have the wisdom to take that first big step. Do you have a butcher? Are they USDA or custom cut? Do they specialize in one thing? Are they big or small? How’s the wait list?


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