Pet Ownership

So, we own 4 dogs. Yes 4. I know. Shocking isn’t it?! Well, no not really. We have 4 dogs ages 10, 4, 3 & 1(ish- he’s a rescue so its unknown). I do competition dog sports, agility to be exact and it is my obsession. Well, not like over the top obsession but I enjoy it immensely. I’ve been doing agility now for about 9 years with my Fish Dog. She’s the one who started it all. She’s earned many many ribbons and titles over the years and still gives it her all when running a course. I love that dog. Anyway let me just say that if you’ve never owned a dog and are even remotely thinking about jumping into pet ownership let me scream this from the mountain tops (((OWNING A DOG IS EXPENSIVE, TIME CONSUMING, AND TOTALLY WORTH IT!))) If you’re going to own a dog, do the right things. PLEASE for the love of all that is good SPAY and/or NEUTER!!! We have done rescue for 8 years and have had probably over 100 dogs in our home over that period of time. There are so so many good dogs dying every second of the day… really your dog isn’t THAT special… unless you are trying to preserve some rare breed of dog that only exists on an island somewhere. No seriously… be ready to spend a LOT of money on your dog. Shots, crate, toys, leash, collar, dishes, training(!!!!!!! don’t skimp on that one!!!!!!), treats, food (check out Orijen’s prices and you’ll understand!), emergency visits to the vet, surgeries, competitions, boarding, grooming, heartworm medication, the list goes on and on. My Fish Dog has cost me well over $10,000 in the course of her life thus far. No we haven’t do anything extreme with her, but the vet bills alone add up. She had a lump removed when younger (not cancer), a major hip surgery (from bad breeding- she’s a puppy mill product) at the tune of $5000 plus rehabilitation @$2,500, spay, vaccines, emergency visit for vomiting, dental cleaning, xrays, broken toe, ear mites… yeah. Dog’s aren’t cheap. And that is not thinking about all the food, toys, treats and agility competitions she’s done. So if you’re thinking about owning a dog… make sure you are financially ready for the commitment. Have a few hundred dollars lying around in your savings account incase Fido comes down with the flu and needs to see the vet ASAP. In our house right now we’ve got a whammy. Fish Dog has a broken leg and ear mites (thank you barn cats for that one).  Dumberon has a puffy red eye from getting vinegar of all things in it and is on an antibiotic ointment for that. Fuzz ball has a new poo-eating habit that requires us to feed all the dogs some nasty poo-pills so he will stop that. YUCK. And the Young Gun is starting agility classes Friday night. Woooooie! Can you hear the dollars flying out of my pocket? Yep. So seriously, cute and all but remember they are a commitment and cost money! Do the hard work of training when they are young and it will pay out when they are finally adults (the dumberon is 4 and still hasn’t grown up just fyi- some take a bit longer than others)DSC_0208


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