Rabbits re-homed

Well, after a few months of learning we have decided that the typical homestead meat rabbit isn’t our strong suite. We purchased 3 New Zealand white does from a local woman, one was due in only a week and the other 2 were bred the day we bought them, but only one pregnancy took. The first doe that kindled had trouble with her labor and delivered 5 babies one day and 2 the next. They all died as she didn’t pull enough of her fur to keep them warm in the nest box. We then found another local guy with NZ whites and bought a little male thinking we would breed the girls by him down the road when he reached the proper age. He was sweet and far more willing to be handled than the females. So we had a total of 4 rabbits. The second female seemed to do a better job at motherhood, but we kept track of her and she just never felt pregnant. She kindled on the wire and even with all the hay/straw the babies died not being in the whelp box. Bummer. So after loosing all those babies and all the feed they go through the Mr. and I decided we are more ‘chicken people’. As a child I was raised taking care of chickens in every way imaginable. I never showed them at the county fair, but my family and I hatched them, raised them, fed/watered them, butchered them and did all those things that are required for living with chickens. For the past few years the Mr & I have had all sorts of chickens  and even a few guineas. I think at the max we were caring for 40 some birds. So we sold our rabbits to a wonderful family who have a few male NZ rabbits already to go and I hope it all works out for them. So the Mr. and I have decided to do Freedom Broilers in the spring for the freezer. Last year a friend raised some for us (we were living in a location that didn’t allow farm animals) and we paid her for the feed and purchase price, then we paid to have them butchered. It was a bit expensive, but the chicken was the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life. So our next project is to build a large enough coop to house a lot of birds and hopefully we can do a few batches to process for ourselves and put in the freezer. Apparently, according to our friend there is a local man who rents a plucker out. God willing we will be able to get the materials together and raise some of our own non gmo, free range chicken this year!


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