ImageHaving our own animals requires us to feed them year round. In the spring and summer we prefer to let our animals primarily free range, but in the winter with predators we keep the locked up tight. With only 5 hens we have a small ‘chicken tractor’ at this point that we move from place to place. The Mr. designed and built it himself. It does have some technical flaws but overall it keeps the birds warm enough and safe. We purchased these birds from craigslist locally.

ImageThis is a shot of our feed. The pig feed looks the same as this chicken feed. We purchase 100lb bags from a local farm that grows and grinds their own feed. It is non GMO and what is better than supporting local non GMO agriculture?! On my last trip I bought 700lbs of feed, 400 for us and 300 for a friend and I met the owners father, son and grandson. Amazingly nice people. They loaded it into our SUV and we chatted for a bit about life. It feels wonderful to be able to support such an honest business. And 100lbs of feed for $30 is very comparable to the feed store feed prices. So, yay!

ImageWe are currently getting about 3 eggs a day from our 5 ladies. Not bad for young ladies in the winter!

ImageMy border aussie ‘helper’. Ok really he’s no help at all…. he chases the cats and chickens and is a total nut job, but hey he’s coming along.

ImageThese are our raised beds transferred from our old house waiting for spring! The third box from the left currently houses our garlic. This is our first attempt at garlic. We saved all our small garlic cloves that were a bit to small to use for seasoning and planted them in a nice bed of rich organic compost and dirt. Here’s hoping for lots of yummy garlic this year!

ImageA view down our freshly snow covered driveway. Don’t be fooled there is a thick layer of ice under there.

ImageA view of the creek behind the house. Beautiful with all this wet sticky snow.

ImageThese are our piglets named “Bacon” and “Eggs” (male and female respectively). They are registered Tamworth pigs. This photo above is the day we got them from a local breeder (about an hour away). At this point they weighed about 30lbs. We have hopes of breeding “Eggs” this next year, but as always we wait and see how things play out.

ImageThis is a photo of the pigs from today. You can see just how much they have grown in about 2 months with us. They were born October 1st and are now just over 3 months old. I know why people raise pigs now, they just grow so quickly. In the past we have raised 2 cows, and 4 sheep. Nothing grows faster than these pigs are growing for us. In the spring we will “pasture” the pigs with electric tape fence and let them rototill and fertilize our garden for us.

ImageThese are our ‘barn cats'(we dont have a barn, they live on our enclosed porch when weather is bad). They are rescue cats that were dumped off on an inactive dairy farm. They love people, and especially kids. They put up with all sorts of attention from the kids without a scratch! I’ve never met such good cats personality wise before. And they keep the mice population down, or at least away from the house.

ImageOur snowy view! A much appreciated snowfall because all we’ve had for weeks now is ice and freezing rain!

ImageMy fish dog! She’s ever on the look out for fish. She loves LOVES fish.


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