World’s best nanny is an….

Australian Shepherd. A rescued Aussie no less.

This just makes me so happy. It doesn’t surprise me at all. My Fish Dog here is quite an animal ambassador herself. Fish Dog here

Imagehas pretty humble beginnings. She was born in a puppy mill. What’s a puppy mill you wonder? Well imagine a kennel where people board dogs. Imagine it fill to the brim with dogs. Dogs everywhere. Dogs who live in their own urine and feces. Dogs who don’t get to play outside, sleep in cushy dog beds, or get love from human hands. Puppy mills are a horrible, dreadful, rotten place where dogs are kept, and bred exclusively for the purpose of producing way more puppies… for big $$$.


This is The Fish Dog. She lives the good life. Trust me.


And the reason I’m not surprised that Aussie’s are the best nanny dogs out there is because Fish Dog has been instrumental in helped well over 70 dogs in the past 9 years adjust to life. We do rescue. Some people think we are insane mind you. Really *I* do rescue, The Mr. just puts up with me. He isn’t really a “dog person” if you know what I mean. Sure he likes dogs well enough, but he  doesn’t bond with dogs like I do. He doesn’t enjoy training dogs, or working dogs, or really doing the work that is involved with owning dogs… that’s all my job. So technically speaking, *I* own 4 dogs, and the Mr. puts up with me and loves me despite my insanity. 


Fish dog also puts up with me. Anyway… she has helped so many countless abandoned, neglected and abused dogs adjust to “real life”, to being loved and living in a house. One of those lucky dogs was the Fish Dogs very own puppy mill bred and raised mother…. Comanche.



She lived in 3 different puppy mills and produced countless puppies for 8 years of her life before she was discarded at a puppy mill auction where an acquaintance in rescue was able to pull her and we were able to adopt her. Poor sweet Comanche had never been loved before. She had never known kind touch, the warmth of a home, or a soft clean bed to rest her head on. She lived with us for just one year before she passed. She was indeed a special dog… and one of the toughest nuts to crack.



May she rest in peace.


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