Blind Faith

I’ve heard this term several times from many sources of different people. Typically it isn’t used in a very positive or enlightening way. “Blind” referring to stumbling along unable to see what lies before them. I guess I don’t really like the connotation used with the word blind. Do you know anyone who is visually impaired? When one sense is decreased or even vanishes the other senses pick up where they left off and then some. When a person can no longer see the many other senses are enhanced dramatically to sort of make up for the deficiency. Blind faith isn’t blind at all. Sure, it may not be able to see God… but I can feel, hear, smell and see things that only He can do. I can see the results, feel the love, smell the flowers, hear my children laugh…. surely my faith is not blind and even if it were blind I’d rather be stumbling along after my Savior than drowning alone.



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