Reusing old foam egg cartons

What’s a girl to do? When you have chickens that lay eggs many people bless us with old egg cartons which we graciously and thankfully accept with open arms. When we once had many birds and were getting dozens of eggs per day we would plow through those cartons in no time flat.




Now a days with just 5 birds we get 3-4 eggs per day which though isn’t a lot for our family it is enough to allow me, the egg sensitive one to enjoy fried eggs for breakfast regularly. It seems that when we moved off our old 80 acre farm I became very intolerant to any store bought egg. It didn’t matter the brand or how the carton was labeled. They all made me VERY sick in short order (about 20 minutes). So getting our own birds again was a MUST!



This photo above was a look at some of our old birds and our favorite rooster named “Romeo”. But anyway, the long and the short of it is that we always seem to collect these foam egg cartons. You know the kind… the pink, yellow, blue or white ones that are sold in grocery stores everywhere. The ones that I’m sure take a billion years to decompose if they ever do at all. We like to reuse them for eggs, but with so few eggs I came up with a better way to utilize this growing resource in our home.



Time for some ingenuity. So I came up with the idea that instead of going out and buying those expensive seed starter trays at the local home improvement warehouse of choice that these would make AMAZING seed starter trays with just a little bit of work….



First things first get out a trust pair of scissors or a utility knife and cut down the middle of the two “sides” of the egg carton. You’ll see why in a moment.



Next I took some small pieces of duct tape (this is heavy duty red duct tape) and taped over the holes that would ordinarily hold the egg carton closed. Make sure that your tape is fully covering the holes on both sides. This will ensure that your carton doesn’t leak.



We had a LOT of egg cartons.

ImageThen I got out a little nail and poked 2 holes in the bottom of each place where an egg went. You can see in the photo that this will allow water to come up through the holes. 



We now took the “egg holder” side of the carton and filled each “egg hole” with good composted dirt. We packed each hole full.



Now this is what we have. A “lid” and an “egg holder” side. I filled the lid with water (which if you look carefully you can see above) and then stacked the “egg holder” side into the lid. 


I then took a small dry erase marker and labeled the “flap” with the seeds I planted and the date for future reference. Image


We then placed our new egg seed tray into our handy little store bought greenhouse and voila… a seed tray made from recycled materials. We placed the greenhouse in front of our south facing sliding glass door where it stays nice and warm. Our little seedlings have already sprouted and we hope that this little recycled project serves us well. You see the nail holes in the bottom of the egg tray allow for the water in the very bottom tray to absorb upward as the soil needs it. A self watering system until our little sprouts are ready for bigger and better things! Ah… I can hardly wait until we can really get to planting. ENJOY!



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