Broiler VS Layers Chicken Post 2

Well, week 2 came this past Friday for our Freedom Ranger broiler chickens. We have a total of 26 reds and 1 black freedom ranger that came to us on February 21st. At two weeks old our Freedom Ranger Reds weighed in at the low: 9.2oz, the high:11.6 oz and the average for all our birds was 10.2oz. Not to bad for 2 week old babies!! Our one black freedom ranger weighed in at 7.7oz. Below is a photo from today 3/9/14 of our freedom ranger black bird next to a red.



Our 15 Americauna pullets on the other hand are growing much slower. We are looking a weight of 3.8oz for those little girls. They are healthy and active and doing just what I have come to expect from baby chicks… just way slower than these broilers. Here is a photo below of the Freedom Ranger and an Americauna pullet… they are only 2 days apart in age.



Talk about a size difference!!!! This is our very first batch of broiler chickens (all males) and we are very surprised at how fast they are gaining weight. Our experience in the past has only been with mixed breed chickens or laying birds. So this is quite the learning experience. We are thinking our next batch of broilers will be all black freedom rangers as they seem a little more like “real chickens” in the fact that they don’t lay down as much and seem to be more active like a “normal” chicken would be. So far we have had no casualties… praise God and are looking forward to getting these birds outside! Stay tuned for more information on these big birds!


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