Gone too long

Sorry for the delay for any of you readers out there. We have been BUSY! Today we are expecting our second batch of Freedom Ranger broilers. Yay! And over a week ago we processed our male tamworth pig appropriately named “Bacon”. He weighed in at 180lbs before processing. Not to bad since he was a winter pig not even 6 months old yet. Here is a photo or two of his sister named eggs.



Both pigs were from a litter of 10 and someday we hope to breed her for more little piglets. She really is a beautiful pig. Very healthy shiny coat and her attitude is changing quite nicely as well. She loves to be scratched behind the ears and down her back… 


As soon as we can get something in the ground here we will be training her to electric tape fencing so she can be “put to pasture” so to speak and till up our garden and fertilize it for us. We also hope to be adding 2 black/red waddle piglets to our pig family here in the next few weeks. 

Our old broilers and easter egger (EE) chickens are growing. They have graduated to our outside ‘hatchery’ so to speak. We are excited to have the out of the house to say the least! (STINKY) And to our disbelief the black freedom ranger is much more like a ‘real chicken’ then a lazy broiler. Ha! He loves to run and jump around where the reds are much lazier, or perhaps tired and lie down much more often. 


Here are a few photos of the easter eggers.



And just for good measure here are a few photos of our crazy border collie/aussie mix… my kids said to me “Mommy, he is crazy.” and I responded “Well why do you think that?” Oldest replies “Oh, he’s a border collie, that’s why.” Ah out of the mouths of babes… So here is a great un-edited photo set of our crazy dog who we joking say has “mind powers” with tennis balls. He is COMPLETELY insane about all things tennis ball and can destroy a regular one in 2 bites. (We only buy the rubber chuck it brand balls now-in photo).



Ha ha ha… yes he is *that* good. Crazy man has been enjoying his agility classes and aced beginner agility with flying colors at the very top of his class. He would do agility all day every day if it were possible for him. He and I are now in advanced beginner class together and he is still doing amazingly well. He learns things so quickly. No doubt you can practically *see* him thinking. This dog is by no means a couch potato dog or a dog for first time dog owners. He keeps even me… a seasoned veteran on my toes!!


And last but not least this is the little stray kitten who found its way to our enclosed porch where our “barn cats” stay. A tiny emaciated beat up little thing with scratches all over its poor little face. The poor thing was so frightened and starving you could feel every bone in its little body. We’ve been feeding it and trying to get it to warm up to us but it is a very very slow process. I would say it is feral but not quite since I can after time pick it up and it purrs. But anyway, hopefully we can get it healthy, and fixed and adopt it out… we already have 2 ‘barn cats’ without a barn!


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