Random Photos

Well here are a few random photos from the past few weeks. (I know I’m pretty bad at regular updates… sorry!)We have been getting ready for the most wonderful celebration of the year… EASTER!! The resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Lent has been an interesting journey. I make up my mind to do one or two things but God always puts things into perspective for me and tells me what I really need to let go of. I’m thankful to have that constant kick in the pants. Anyway, here are a few photos to enjoy….


Our new batch of Freedom Ranger Broiler chickens arrived at the post office on a crisp Friday morning… March 28th to be exact.


I always love the look on the post office workers face when I announce “I’m here for the chickens”. Ha ha ha! You can hear the PEEP PEEP PEEP as soon as you walk through the door. another 26 red birds. We lost 3 this batch at 5 & 6 days old. We began to treat them with probiotics and apple cider vinegar and we haven’t lost another bird. Hooray!


Here they are with our leghorns. Our 6 leg horns are about 2 weeks older than the broilers. They are currently the same size! I’m still amazed at how fast these birds grow. So our current count of birds goes like this. 15 Easter Egger (EE) pullets, 3 red sex links, 1 Easter Egger adult Rooster, 35 Freedom Ranger Broilers (ranging in age from 8 weeks old to 3 weeks old), and 6 Leghorns. What a bunch.


This was our last project. We made a 50’x50′ chicken run with two 7’x7′ ‘coops’ (instant greenhouses-hey they are multi purpose) where we can house our growing flock. We split the run down the middle (to keep the smaller birds safe from the adults for now). All is working well and we can reuse the greenhouses and snow fence for their actual purposes. 🙂


Have you EVER seen such a tolerant cat before?! Oh this cat of ours. He adores people. He really should be a therapy cat if there is such a thing. He puts up with absolutely ANYTHING and has yet to scratch one of our kids. His name is Sushi if you were wondering. Yes… sushi. What can I say? The kids wanted to name him Fish but that name was already taken by my sisters cat.


Oh the dilemmas that face a crazy dog. What to do?!


Here is a better shot. We hadn’t yet put the cover on the second greenhouse. We’ve had some crazy weather around here lately. mid 70’s one day and 4″ of snow the next. Ah life in the northeast!


Here is a shot of our adult birds checking out the new digs. Rudy is our rooster, the grey/black guy and the three red hens. 


As a mother I’ve learned many MANY things. One of the things I’ve learned is make sure you ALWAYS have a camera in your pocket and another invaluable lesson I’ve learned is that when you ask for help with something you should never (ok, at least very rarely) complain about HOW the job gets done lest that person give up and never wish to help out again. Ah yes, this is an example of both of those lessons put together in one beautiful snap shot. 


Here is a shot of the hubby working on yet another project, We removed an old (dusty) chandelier that hung so low everyone (except me) hit their heads on it. Lets face it when you are 5’5″ tall you rarely hit your head on anything. More likely than not I hit my shins on things instead. So we replaced it with this 3 bulb dome lamp which is doing quite nicely. Needless to say, no one has hit their head since…. and the Mr. didn’t even zap himself in the process. 



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