Chicken Feeders DIY

At Tractor Supply you will find a large, ok a fairly large chicken feeder. They run $40 and upwards. We have built our own similar feeder but at about $10 per feeder. We purchased a 3″ hole saw, a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, and a galvanized feeder pan. We rustled up some screws and a piece of wood. 


We drilled out four 3″ holes about equal distance around. Fairly simple, just be careful with actual drilling. The hole saw can catch.


Then we got the feeder pan, which is larger than the circumference of the 5 gallon bucket.


We placed our scrap piece of wood in the bottom of the bucket and drilled through the wood, the bucket AND the pan.


We then flipped the whole thing upside down and drilled back into the pan and the wood to secure it when lifted by the handle when full of feed.


And there you have it. A chicken feeder. This feeds about 12 full size/adult broiler chickens. Not too bad. We secure the lid to keep chickens (and their poop) out.



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