Well we had our first go with renting a plucker. (Sorry no photos-its been a rough week). We were able to process 27 birds and heat shrink package them in one day of work. Probably a few hours. The chickens look really professional. I highly recommend it. That plucker saved us hours of time and effort. We were very happy with how everything turned out. Next batch I will photograph.


Here is Blackie, our black freedom ranger broiler. Maybe you remember him from when he first arrived….


Wow. Right? This is when we first got him at probably a day or two old. He’s turned into one handsome man and is now the main roo on our farm. He is very friendly and will come right up to you when you call. He is easy going on the ladies, but very tall. We thought about processing him, but he is just our favorite what can I say?


These are our nine new turkey poults. They don’t have names yet… as we cannot tell them apart. They are also raising 3 guineas in there but you just can’t see them so well. We hope the guineas grow up to think they are turkeys. HA!


Here is a shot of most our of laying flock. We have 23 birds. 3 red freedom rangers, and 1 black freedom rooster, 6 white leghorns, and the rest are easter eggers or americaunas. It is hard to tell. Some of them have the look of a real Americauna with the beards and no tail feathers. We hope to start having eggs very soon as the EE’s are reaching 20 weeks soon.


A pretty little leghorn.


Such a handsome boy. He’s huge no less. We aren’t sure what next year will bring but we are being given back some of our old hens and some of my parents hens. Our old salt and pepper wants to be broody so we may let her sit if we get her back soon.


My fives addiction. Some people think they are a sham, but let me tell you… I have owned a pair (the light blue pair) for at least 4 years now and I haven’t rolled my ankle or sprained it in all those years of owning them. I used to sprain my ankle regularly every 6 months or so… so take it for what you will but I will continue to own my “ugly” fives.


Just a view of our “lawn”. It sure is nice here…




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